Lemon & Red Onion Chicken – the recipe

I’m not a foodie, I just love experimenting with and photographing flavour, but seeing that you asked and this one’s made it into my recipe book, here goes: Some notes: the original recipe uses oranges – I had lemons, you get to choose what you want to use (Oranges or Lemons – sounds like a song.) The original was for an oven bake – we … Continue reading Lemon & Red Onion Chicken – the recipe


  On Sunday, I was preparing a chicken to roast on the braai (braai = barbeque =wir wollten grillen), when I saw such wonderful colours and flavours on my chopping board. I was slicing through a beautiful purple and white striped red onion and next to it lay the bright yellow lemon, with garlic cloves, salt and pepper. I found myself at the door about to race off … Continue reading PAUSE