back to basics – tomato love

  I had these tomatoes sitting in my windowsill and every time I wanted to use one, I found myself reaching for some other tomatoes from a different bowl. These just looked too beautiful! Subconsciously, I was saving them for a photo. So eventually, I gave in and stole a little time to photograph them. They were just too photogenic to ignore.   Tomatoes are … Continue reading back to basics – tomato love

Back to basics – 2 simple steps to improve your photography

Can you believe it’s already June? We’ve had a lot of visitors recently and we’ve been busy busy busy. Time’s flying and it’s not always easy keeping up. When it gets like this, I find the best way to cope is to simplify everything. Find the essentials and just let go of the rest. So I’m on this mission to go back to basics. In photography, the best … Continue reading Back to basics – 2 simple steps to improve your photography

Basic Country Quiche

I simplified here. I went back to basics. No props or background. One light source from the top left corner. And a simple, wholesome, country quiche. I got good highlights on the pastry and the cheesy surface, but enough colour to make you drool.  The whole image is light and airy like the Quiche. Yum! The Recipe is below… The Recipe Yes, it does taste as … Continue reading Basic Country Quiche