Ta-Da!!!  Welcome to simply pause – my fresh, new blog site!

I decided that pause needed a little bit of an upgrade, call it a facelift or a breath of fresh air.The posts will be similar to what I posted in pause, but I hope that you will find this site easier to get around and prettier too!

I have quietly been working on this in the background, for a while now and wanted it perfect before I showed you, but I just couldn’t keep it quiet any longer! I just had to share it. What do you think – Wait! Don’t answer yet! Have a look around first.

You can start things off by signing up in the bar to the right, under FOLLOW SIMPLY PAUSE to have new posts emailed to you!!! When you do, all new posts will automatically be sent to you as I press the publish button. AND you always have the option to Unsubscribe, automatically at any time. Magic!

The big P takes you to my Pinterest page and see – I got the Pin-it button to work too! Give it a try!

Under RECENT POSTS you will find the same posts that I posted on pause. It’s a nice short-cut to get to where you want to be quickly, if you want to catch up on recent activity.

My Photos is a beautiful big gallery for people to get an overview – purely of the images I’ve taken.

Photo Stuff has the posts that relate more to Photography, while Food is where you’ll find recipes and food talk (I know you’re not stupid, I just thought I should spell it out it anyway). I’ve used the photos from the posts as links to take you where you want to be quickly and easily. Have a look! Do they work? I’ve just transferred a couple of old posts from pause to start off with, but if there are any specific ones you’d like to see here, let me know.

This time I’ve really kept things simple to start off with, but I hope this site is going to grow substantially in time and that you’ll really enjoy what I come up with as we go along.

So now, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Have you signed up? Please somebody sign up! Wanna try my Comments Section below?



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