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(Note: I speak Canon, but you might find, with a little fiddling, that you’re able to translate this to your own camera language.)


So you want to shoot directly in Black and White?

It is such good training for the eye! For the entire first year of my photography studies we were only allowed to shoot in black and white. It’s like drawing in art – it teaches you to look for pattern, tone, texture, and form. And with B&W you can remove your viewer from our world and make them see reality, differently.

Ok, Here we go:



  • Switch your camera to Manual. (M on the top dial)
  • Press MENU on the back of your camera.
  • Scroll across (using the circle of buttons on the back) until you reach a page where you see PICTURE STYLE.
  • Scroll down until you’ve highlighted PICTURE STYLE.
  • Press the centre button of the circle of buttons (SET).
  • Scroll up and down the list of Picture Styles. Landscape = Brighter colours; Faithful+Neutral = softer colours (good portrait setting); MONOCHROME = Black and White
  • Centre click (SET) to choose your Picture style.
  • Start shooting.
  • Remember to set your camera back to colour once you’ve finished shooting!

Have fun!




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