Comfort Food

It had been raining hard all day. The girls had been fighting, I got them to bed with crocodile tears and all. Husband phoned to say he  wouldn’t be home for supper. I was in the kitchen, trying to make headway through my elaborate cooking mess, when I noticed an intensely sweet taste in my mouth.

I looked down at the teaspoon… Then the tin opener.

You didn’t! You said the one tin was for a lemon meringue and the other was a spare. You lied! (to yourself)

Know the feeling? Ever done this? Hah! I know of at least one of you that DEFINITELY has done this!

But I refuse to photograph the tin of condensemilk. The fact that there’s nothing left of it has nothing to with my decision. I have some other comfort food for you. This is a good wholesome meal that will fill you up and make you sleep well:

Salmon tagliatelle pinterest

Don’t go panicky on me now! This is not a fancy recipe! I think it might even be the fastest, simplest recipe I have. And it’s divine!

Go to the supermarket and buy a little packet of thinly sliced, smoked salmon. (You don’t need much – it probably won’t cost more than a decent helping of mince.) Then get some pasta – any pasta will do! I chose the spinach tagliatelle, for the colour, but my girls  tell me it also tastes better with this recipe than normal tagliatelle. Then you need a packet of frozen peas and some fresh cream.

Salmon tagliatelle

Boil the pasta, in salty water. (That’s the only salt you’ll need in the recipe)

Slice the salmon into random bits.

A little butter, the salmon and about a cup full of frozen peas go into the pan. Fry lightly until the salmon has just changed colour and the peas have defrosted.

Add the cream to the pan and heat until it starts to simmer. Remove from heat.

By now your pasta is ready. Drain the water off and add a blob of butter to stop the pasta from going sticky.

Pour over the salmon-pea-cream sauce. Stir well and serve with grated parmesan and black pepper.

That’s it. It’s a ten minute meal.

Creamy, warm, filling and YUM!

salmon pasta 3



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