Do I HAVE to use natural light?

Let me think about this carefully… YES YES AND YES!

Unless of course you have a professional lighting set-up that mimics natural light.

(Excuse me for a minute, all my Pause readers. Today’s post is more for the food blogger’s out there. But I do have a bread-free burger in store for the rest of you, soon!)

I hate ordering from menus where the pictures make you feel as if you’re staring at them through a bottle of sunflower oil. I just can’t imagine what the food tastes like. My husband has even started to recognise it : Look passed the photos, I’m sure the food tastes good! And it usually does! If only… if only the photos… if only the photos would show me how good it tastes.

I’m not going to say much. I’ve taken some very plain, honest, unstyled photos to demonstrate my point. I did not manipulate them afterwards. I took them all in my tiny kitchen, just moving the bowl from under my very bright extractor fan light (tungsten light) to the window sill, to 1 metre away from the window on the counter top. (I don’t expect fame and fortune from any of them 😉 In fact it’s quite painful to post some of them)

I’d like you to look at 5 things.

  1. COLOUR OF LIGHT: The colour of the white napkins and the shadow below the bowl. That colour (however subtle) is coating the entire image and affecting all the colours of the food.
  2. COLOUR OF FOOD: In which photo are the colours full – with dark and light tones – and in which do they simply die a painful death?
  3. TEXTURE OF FOOD. Can you get a feeling for the texture of the creamy mayo? Can you tell the difference between the texture of the spring onions and the tomato?
  4. SHADOWS: How deep and dark are the shadows between the bits and pieces? Can your eye travel calmly and comfortably over the hills and valleys of salad – taking in the details along the way?
  5. QUALITY OF LIGHT: The type of shine on the tomatoes – Is it glittery and harsh or soft and even? Is the shadow below hard edged or soft?

That’s it.

What do you think? Do you have to use natural light? Is it worth it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Tungsten + Daylight      Tungsten x2



Natural 1m Do I have to use natural light


One thought on “Do I HAVE to use natural light?

  1. I have to say the Natural light and 1m away from window looks the best to me. The lettuce looks crisper. The last two photos are definitely better.


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