simply flowers

simply flowers

Creativity flourishes when you take time out to play. No specific goal, just grab what you have at hand and let things develop instinctively. See where you end up. I needed a break from food and I have some very vague ideas in my head, which refuse to be pinned down. So this morning I saw my hydrangea outside and decided, it would do. I grabbed my camera and some wax paper and disappeared into my head. Fiddling with my camera settings and different set-ups. I went into exploration mode and played. When I “woke up”, this was what I had.






cut flowers


dark hydrangea

I’ve decided to make these freebees. If you’d like to download the printable versions (A6 300dpi) for personal greeting cards or designs, you can find them at this link: simplypause hydrangea cards

Simply download them directly onto your desktop and then press print, whenever you need a quick card!

(If you would like to use them for business purposes, I’d appreciate being asked beforehand, and some aknowledgement of simply pause as the source. Send me a quick message to clarify things here 😉 )


6 thoughts on “simply flowers

    1. Oh that one with the water on the wax paper – ummm let’s just say it was a happy accident. 🙂 I’m sure you can imagine what happened. But it didn’t stop me shooting. Sometimes the best shots happen that way. Glad you like them Chants!


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