simple pleasures


Bread & Jam 5

(Into temptation knowing full well, your body will rebel… )

Living in a country where supper is called Abendbrot (directly translated as Evening Bread) means that avoiding bread is simply not possible. There’s a bakery around every corner, with hundreds of different types of fresh bread rolls and loaves of bread. A good German weekend breakfast, does not include fried eggs and bacon. One takes a walk to the nearest bakery, to fetch a variety of fresh rolls, and then one adds various different hams, pates, cheeses and cheese spreads to add to the temptation of what the English call a Continental Breakfast.

I must say, although all the rolls, (crispy or soft, brown or white, poppy seeds or sunflower seeds, square or round…) with all their confusing names, are indeed a temptation for me, the loaves are not really. But the other day as I was waiting to pay for my rolls, listening to a customer asking about the percentage of rye in the various breads, I noticed amongst the many heavy round dark rye breads, a small rectangular white loaf. It was labled as a Dutch Milk bread. I thought back to the comment that had been left on my Bread-Free Burger post and with mouth watering, I pointed it out to the lady behind the counter.

Bread & Jam 3

At home, I introduced my girls to the simple pleasure of manually cutting a slice of fresh white bread, and spreading it with real butter and chunky apricot jam. Have you noticed how, in the world of convenience that we live in, we all tend to buy tasteless, pre-sliced preservative filled bread? When did convenience become so much more important than flavour? My children were surprised when I told them that this was how the bread that I’d grown up with, looked and tasted – and so did the bread of my parents and my grandparents. That we had to learn how to cut it thin and straight, ourselves. Do you remember those arguments about who was the last, to cut the bread so skew? … It’s all a little sad, hey? Especially, coming from a family that has always tried very hard to prove the theory that man CAN live on bread alone. 

So purely to keep up tradition, blowfish effect on my body or not, simple pleasures like fresh white bread, will just have to be an occasional indulgence in our home – with fresh butter and apricot jam or bovril or…

What’s your bread indulgence?

Bread & Jam


Bread & Jam 2

Bread & Jam 4



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