The Fig

Fig 1

I have a confession to make – I have never eaten a fresh fig. Well, not consciously anyway. I have never gone out, bought a fig and eaten it. Fig Jam? Yes. Fresh fig? No. The other day I was sitting in a restaurant and saw the woman opposite me take her sliver of fig and scoop out the insides and I thought. You’ve never done that.

I am generally not the type of person to shy away from trying new things. In fact I tend to eat everything. (I’ve even had frogs’ legs before – yuck!) But I do tend to have a problem with admitting when I don’t know or understand something that everyone assumes I do know or understand. If a topic came up in the conversation that I am unfamiliar with, but everyone around me gets it, I wouldn’t stick my neck out and say: “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!” I tend to quietly wait for it all to pass by. I have a friend who is brilliant at asking relevant, specific questions until she gets the full picture. She’s brave. And she’s never afraid to ask. And she never sounds stupid. In fact she makes other people feel clever. I admire her for that.

So what does this have to do with a fig? Ummm… well… I have no idea! It has something to do with the fact that I should not skim over the things that I don’t know. So I stood in the supermarket, with these pretty curvy purply figs in front of me. How do I know whether it’s ripe or not? I picked one up. eeww…I really didn’t expect them to be soft.  Is soft good or not?  I was one of those awful shoppers that prodded, poked and touched a whole lot of them and took home the most averagely soft fig in the tray.

Fig 2

I cut it open. Figs are really beautiful inside. Filled with tiny seeds. The seeds are the actual fruit – a bit like a granadilla or a guava – but very fine and soft.  I scooped out a mouthful and – it has a very delicate taste doesn’t it? I had some with white yoghurt and honey and I found the honey overpowering. It’s amazing that such a soft flavour, could have received such gourmet status, over the centuries. Don’t you think? I can’t really describe it. Do you like figs? Did I eat it right? Any tips for me?

Fig 3



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10 thoughts on “The Fig

  1. i absolutely love figs! i have a friend who has a fig tree. did you know it takes them 10 years to grow before they will produce any fruit? one year, he had ONE FIG grow and we pulled it off an had a little ceremony before eating it.. kinda like you did here 😉 you captured your first experience so beautifully!


    1. That is a lovely story! I had no idea that a fig tree takes that long to bear fruit, Audrey! Really does make this little fruit a whole lot more precious somehow. Thank you for your comment! (PS Your little house on your blog fascinates me – a very different type of living)


      1. thanks for the reply! figs are some of my favourite fruits, and when i found that out i thought they were extra special 😉 and thanks for checking out my tiny home – it’s a pretty big movement, alright. pretty different lifestyle too, but i’m settling into it rather well, i think. take care and keep up the great work!


    1. Thank you. It means a lot to hear that from you Diana. I am trying to hone my skills. Very different photography to your vibrant black and white images – they remind me of images from the old “LIFE” magazines.


  2. We used to have a fig tree nearby the washing line. We’d go out every morning to see if there were any ripe. It’s wonderful when you just peel it and smoosh it on hot toast!!


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