All wrapped up

… and ready to go!

I am busy getting ready to move. It’s very exciting! After almost 2 years of living in Germany, we’re packing up and returning home to South Africa. I’ve packed away my photography lights and am dealing with tons of admin, while trying to savour some final German flavours. This means I may be a little quiet over the next 2 months or so, while we’re floating between homes without my beloved Mac. But I do hope to squeeze in a post or two before the Mac is packed and I should be back on line by the end of January or sometime in February.
Some of you will recognise these pics from last year’s post, but for others it’s all new. I wrapped them for you! They’re my favourite German Christmas Treats, that only arrive on the shop shelves, round about the same time that tinsel appears on the South African shelves. I find it fascinating how these goodies only get baked around Christmas time, so that their flavour has become synonymous with Christmas.
“Stollen” is the big loaf. There are various types : Butter Stollen, Marzipan Stollen, all covered with icing powder and filled with raisins and citrus peel. Then there’s my current favourite – “Zimtsterne” or Cinnamon Stars. A very nutty cinnamon dough, which remains chewy, topped with crisp white icing. These do tend to evaporate no matter what jar or tin you store them in. Oh, I haven’t mentioned Lebkuchen, which is a little bit like a ginger bread dipped in dark chocolate or spekulatius… or…
You can see – I’m taking this last minute savouring quite seriously, as I wrap up our lives. đŸ™‚
I hope you indulge a bit too and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

2 thoughts on “All wrapped up

  1. I’m for one am glad you’re wrapping up, good luck! 20-something years after leaving Germany I still think back so some of the most delicious treats – so enjoy wildly. We can excuse you being quiet for a little while BUT please carry on inspiring us when you’re back home!


  2. Hey K, i know that this is tough for you and the family, but please know that there is a family here that will be ready to e=welcome you home with open atrms!!!…but bring some of those reipes home with you!!! all the best.


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