Yellow Kitchen

It’s such a happy colour isn’t it? Yellow was where I actually started this entire blog, but that’s not where I’m heading today.

Last year I was commissioned to create a series of images, as fine art prints for a kitchen. Very interesting! My brief was wonderfully vague : 5-6 images that would bring the accent colour yellow into a kitchen, using kitchen appropriate subjects. I decided to go for a slightly vintage feel, but it was important to keep the yellow vivid. There was lots of experimenting and faffing. The custard I had was much too pale, so I had to add in yellow food colouring, but that in turn affected the consistency. The egg white had to be very stiff, to maintain the shape, so I added some icing sugar. It took me much longer than I thought, working well into the night, until I had the images that I had envisioned. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. It was a wonderful challenge.

I wasn’t able to post the images then, because they were meant to be a surprise Christmas gift. But since they were received very well, and are hopefully brightening up the new kitchen, I now can. Here they are:

custard spoonsml




lemon still-lifesml


6 thoughts on “Yellow Kitchen

  1. And how well received they were!! Perfect to bring in just that hint of yellow without overpowering everything. Love them!!


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