Happy Monday!

Happy Monday

I know, it isn’t Monday yet, it’s only Friday and now I’m messing up your week-end by reminding you there’s a Monday coming… Would I be that mean? Never! (Such meanness is reserved for siblings only.)

I’ve been frustrated with my inability to get things done. I’m busy! I really am! And I am working, but in the little time I have available, I’m touching on so many things and just not moving forward.

Now my sister’s sent me a post with a list of things to do before you go to bed to make your mornings work better. And I’ve also read about these Absolutely Must Do’s that you should have on your daily list (alongside the hundreds of other things you’d love to get to in an ideal world). The idea is to making sure that the MUST-DO’s are priorities that actually happen. good idea. And I’ve been making lists and still not getting anywhere. Monday looms as another frustrating day!

SO! I was pausing and fiddling with my pretties, when I think I may have stumbled onto something. I’ve made a pretty weekly planner. PRETTY – so that I don’t ignore it and actually want to look at it regularly. WEEKLY – so that I can see my WHOLE week in advance. Then I should actually SEE my progress. Right? Let’s hope so.

I’m sharing it with you today. Then you can plan the week with me and sit back and relax over the weekend, knowing that it’ll all happen next week. And when Monday comes, I can enthusiastically jump out of bed – ok, that won’t actually happen, not before coffee – admire my pretty list and be ready to take on the world, on my most productive week ever.

This is what it looks like and if you click on it you should be diverted to Dropbox, where you can download it and print it for free. For a limited time only! (where it says: “New to Dropbox”, just close the window. No need to sign up to download)

Then you too can have a Happy Monday.

FREE: Weekly Planner: To do List




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