Coffee Break

IMG_1805 sml

Last week I had the opportunity of photographing my favourite addiction at Oakes Brewhouse – a local coffee roastery.

It’s a lovely little place with a slightly unpolished, comfortable, retro feel. The staff are friendly and relaxed, even when they’re overflowing with business. They have this easy-going confidence and it’s amazing how that attitude can filter through to make everyone feel at home.

I chatted to the one waiter as he was roasting the coffee about how many kilogrammes they roast per week and they sell it all? Of course! On weekends they’re bustling with mountain bike riders and once a month they host the local farmers market, which seems to be doing really well. During the week, people pop in to buy freshly roasted beans, I’ve seen friends meeting and chatting for hours, or businessmen sitting and working on their laptops.

It looks like they have a wonderful recipe for success and now they have a range of good images to use for their marketing too.

I firmly believe that good quality images can make a huge difference to a marketing campaign, no matter how small. When the photos in an advertisement are good quality, the readers just automatically assume that the product is of good quality too – and then? Isn’t it weird? Beautiful pictures? – this one must be better – now we’ll pay more for the product too!

Ok, be honest now – How often have you found yourself doing that?

Here are a couple of the pics

IMG_1942sml IMG_1948sml IMG_1887sml IMG_1808sml


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