sshh… my silent launch

New website launch!It’s the first day of Spring in the South and I am reminded of the book Chocolat, where she gets restless every time the North wind blows, bringing with it new seasons. Our North winds are blowing pollen all over my garden and my nose looks like a clown’s. But that’s not the point. My North winds are bringing change, and new life and in my restlessness I decided to take a leap of faith and just launch my new site. It’s not 100% ready yet, but I’m scared that if I wait for that perfection I’ll never get there! So I sent home the trumpeters and cheerleaders and decided to do a silent launch. No balloons, no loud speakers – I am rebelling against every article I’ve read about how to do a successful launch and I’m just silently appearing.
So please have a look, let me know what you think and hang in there! Look passed the little glitches that I will eventually fix. Good things are about to happen there! I can feel it in my bones. Just as certain as Spring is here.

simply pause will pause, for now. I need to have all my eggs in one basket to keep focussed for now. The new site promises lots of new images, behind the scenes news and some creative inspiration too. There’s a styled stock photography shop and a link to my portfolio for custom photography.

I am very excited! Have a look.

Happy Spring Day, wherever you might be!