Lifestyle Photography

The definition of lifestyle photography is “the art of everyday life”. In every image that a photographer takes they decide what they will show and what they leave out. Some photos are blatantly honest and candid (documentary photography), while others are a little idealistic – they show the beautiful side of things. These photos are often positive and uplifting, although they still show reality. They tell … Continue reading Lifestyle Photography

Yellow Kitchen

It’s such a happy colour isn’t it? Yellow was where I actually started this entire blog, but that’s not where I’m heading today.

Last year I was commissioned to create a series of images, as fine art prints for a kitchen. Very interesting! My brief was wonderfully vague : 5-6 images that would bring the accent colour yellow into a kitchen, using kitchen appropriate subjects. I decided to go for a slightly vintage feel, but it was important to keep the yellow vivid. There was lots of experimenting and faffing. Continue reading Yellow Kitchen

Back to basics – 2 simple steps to improve your photography

Can you believe it’s already June? We’ve had a lot of visitors recently and we’ve been busy busy busy. Time’s flying and it’s not always easy keeping up. When it gets like this, I find the best way to cope is to simplify everything. Find the essentials and just let go of the rest. So I’m on this mission to go back to basics. In photography, the best … Continue reading Back to basics – 2 simple steps to improve your photography