Lifestyle Photography

The definition of lifestyle photography is “the art of everyday life”. In every image that a photographer takes they decide what they will show and what they leave out. Some photos are blatantly honest and candid (documentary photography), while others are a little idealistic – they show the beautiful side of things. These photos are often positive and uplifting, although they still show reality. They tell … Continue reading Lifestyle Photography

Coffee Break

Last week I had the opportunity of photographing my favourite addiction at Oakes Brewhouse – a local coffee roastery. It’s a lovely little place with a slightly unpolished, comfortable, retro feel. The staff are friendly and relaxed, even when they’re overflowing with business. They have this easy-going confidence and it’s amazing how that attitude can filter through to make everyone feel at home. I chatted … Continue reading Coffee Break

Yellow Kitchen

It’s such a happy colour isn’t it? Yellow was where I actually started this entire blog, but that’s not where I’m heading today.

Last year I was commissioned to create a series of images, as fine art prints for a kitchen. Very interesting! My brief was wonderfully vague : 5-6 images that would bring the accent colour yellow into a kitchen, using kitchen appropriate subjects. I decided to go for a slightly vintage feel, but it was important to keep the yellow vivid. There was lots of experimenting and faffing. Continue reading Yellow Kitchen