It’s drizzling outside. The beautiful bright happy light of the last couple of days has disappeared again and it’s replaced, with soft gentle quiet light. Shhhhhh…. My book arrived!!! And I’m devouring it! Some bits I’ve been able to skim, but even the stuff I know is written about in such a clear yet sensitive way, that it’s like learning it all anew. At the moment I’m … Continue reading Light

Lemon & Red Onion Chicken – the recipe

I’m not a foodie, I just love experimenting with and photographing flavour, but seeing that you asked and this one’s made it into my recipe book, here goes: Some notes: the original recipe uses oranges – I had lemons, you get to choose what you want to use (Oranges or Lemons – sounds like a song.) The original was for an oven bake – we … Continue reading Lemon & Red Onion Chicken – the recipe