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I’m Karené. I am a photographer with a love for people, food, colour and light. I am happiest when my hands are getting dirty – be that with paint, charcoal, ink, flour or olive oil! I have an art background that influences the way I see and photograph things.

I come from vibrant South Africa, a place where mealtimes tend to be daily occasions. As a child the kitchen table was the centre of our home, where life was discussed and flavours were created. Now I enjoy sitting around my own big dining room table with good wholesome food, lively conversation, a glass of red wine and music. I believe in celebrating life.

a quick history: I studied Bachelor of Fine Arts with Photography as a major. I photographed for a commercial photographic studio. I assisted two of the top food photographers in Johannesburg, I learned a tremendous amount and loved it! I started a family, photographed my family and then I started my own portraiture studio. I began to build up a network of wonderful clients and I held photography classes and then…

… we were transferred to Germany, where I am now taking some time off to simply PAUSE, enjoy daily life and work on my photographic portfolio.

Welcome to my blog!

If you like my images and would like to work with me, please contact me here.


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