A small wedding

I don’t normally specialise in wedding photography, but this year I have already been asked to photograph two weddings, for two very special people. For one of them I am being flown out to Germany for the event – very exciting! The other was my sister’s wedding last month.

After collecting information and pictures on the ideal wedding for years, my sister and her fiance decided to ditch perfection and JUST DO IT! With a non-existent budget they decided to simply get married and then celebrate with a simple lunch – a braai – with a couple of friends who could make it at extremely short notice.

With just 17 people attending, our mom did the beautiful flowers and catering. A family friend offered her lovely garden to celebrate in. My sister assembled a disney princess dress that she looked gorgeous in, just a week beforehand, while working on her doctorate at the same time.

And do you know what? It was simple. It was special. They were incredibly happy and this bubbled over to make it a joyful, pressure-free day. In fact, it was just PERFECT!

small wedding


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